Quinoa - a transformational secondary school for currently disadvantaged inner city youngsters in Berlin

We are a social enterprise that focuses on offering an alternative educational model for children coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. In Wedding, a district in inner-city Berlin, 50% of the children start their school career with language deficits, two thirds of the teenagers live from social welfare support, and 30% leave the school system after 10 years without formal qualifications. We are looking to respond to the specific educational needs of our community by providing a free secondary school (grades 7-10) in Berlin-Wedding.

The school was opened in August 2014

While the students enrolled in our school learn classical subjects like German and Mathematics, we also place a strong focus on other activities such as theater plays, intercultural learning or field trips to local companies. The way in which our students learn is adapted closely to their specific needs with activity breaks, individualized support and appreciation of their particular skills. We have established a tutoring programme, which supports each student towards his or her personal aims in weekly one-to-one conversations. We are aiming to support our students beyond graduation and make sure that each and every one of them either continues in education to obtain further qualifications after year 10, or finds his or her way into the working environment.

Due to the German system of free schools, government funds cover only a small part of our running costs, but most families in Wedding cannot afford to pay school fees. Therefore, our school is financed mostly through donations from private individuals, foundations and companies.


Enable Quinoa to move on!

To support the project, please give generously via betterplace.org. Alternatively, you can donate via paypal to info@quinoa-bildung.de or transfer your donation to

  • account holder: Quinoa
  • bank: GLS Bank
  • IBAN: DE97430609671146308600

Thank you very much indeed for helping us work towards the Teach for All vision: One day, all children will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.